Nicole Matejic Author Speaker

CEO of global military think tank ‘Info Ops HQ’ Nicole delivers training to global military forces in strategic and tactical information operations in the social media battlespace.

Working with all levels of Government and in the corporate sector, Nicole provides specialist information operations and crisis communications services, training, strategy and consultancy.

As early adopter of using social media as a law enforcement and intelligence information source; Nicole’ s experience, qualifications and unique insight into the social media battlespace has seen her turn her highly successful blog into a global consultancy that delivers training to military forces around the world.

From the cyber-trenches fighting terrorism on the social media battlefield to the boardrooms of Governments and big (and small) business; I’m known for my proactive, innovative and no BS approach to strategic communications and managing crises. I’ve trained and speak to NATO; and talk to the media about social media jihad, social media warfare and crisis communications.

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