Who controls the national security narrative?

Who controls the National Security narrative?
Social media armchair generals, smartphone warriors and citizen journalists?

[slideshare id=49533436&doc=whocontrolsthenationalsecuritynarrative-150618014731-lva1-app6891] Social Media Warfare is not just the military’s problem. From the battlefield to boardrooms around the world, influence is the new digital messiah but who is really in control of the narrative? And how has this changed the way people communicate?

With stories from the coalface, author of ‘Social Media Rules of Engagement’ Nicole Matejic will show you how social media is redefining how wars are fought, crises are managed and influence is cultivated in this public talk.

Nicole Matejic is an internationally recognised military information operations adviser and social media crisis communicator. A regular speaker and trainer to NATO, Nicole is an adjunct lecturer at RMIT’s school of Media and Communications.

Immediately following this public talk on 4 June 20015, she will launch her new book ‘Social Media Rules of Communications: How your Narrative is the Best Weapon during a Crisis.’