The data driven future … is here.

For business, social media can tell you who loves your product, who hates it and what the aggregate of that data means. During a crisis knowing this information allows you to structure your messaging for optimal impact – within the conversations that are already occurring to enable you to positively influence the situation.

On the battlefield, social media data can tell you where potential hot spots are developing and where an audience is being bombarded with enemy information as a weapon of war – giving you real time intelligence and information that could potentially save lives.

This video from IBM demonstrates how their Big Sheets project can measure audience sentiment on Twitter. Not only is this kind of information useful during business as usual; but during a social media crisis – or social warfare – this information can provide you with real-time insights that allow you to react both on social media in a timely manner, but also in real life situations such as on the battlefield or during a police operation.

ORACLE have also developed their social media offering to include their Social Intelligence and Social Relationship Management (SRM) tools that have just as much application in the boardroom as they do on the battlefield.



If you’re a bit of a code monkey – you might like this online course from the University of Michigan on “Social Network Analysis.”

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What story is your social media data telling you?

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