WATCH: Gary Vaynerchuk: Stop Storytelling Like it’s 2007

Humans learn via analogy and storytelling. Fact.

Think about how well you retain raw data. Spreadsheets and numbers and cells with complicated math equations computing a result. Unless you’re Sheldon Cooper, you probably don’t think that way. Don’t worry – most of the population don’t think that way – in fact, they remember how an experience, person or brand made them feel before they remember what that product or service is about.

So translating that feeling, that positive emotional response to your social media content is critical. And to do that, you must be a storyteller that knows how your audience likes to consume their stories.  If you have an audience for example with a low literacy rate, video and audio are your go-to’s. If you’re targeting the hipster crowd, creative imagery and engaging narratives are a must. For parents at home, who spend so much of their time on Facebook – providing engaging content that gives them a momentary reprieve from the toddler that’s followed them into the bathroom cuts through all the other ads that bombard them the moment they get online.

Where is your audience?

What types of stories do they like best?

Do you know?

Be their favourite storyteller and watch your community build itself around you.

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