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Like a trojan horse – who are you letting into your social media networks? Who are your employee’s inviting inside?

Social Engineering is simply modern day espionage – directed at Governments, Militaries, Corporations or even Individuals. If you have information that is of value to someone else, then you might be in a social engineers cross hairs.

My top 3 tips for protecting your organisation from social engineers:

  1. Vet your community – on and offline. Don’t accept unsolicited invitations online and encourage your family or employees to do the same.
  2. Protect rather than defend. If you’ve taken reasonable steps to protect your information (such as data in a cloud) it’s better to have paid for additional protection such as encryption and hard firewalls than to have to defend an attack. Spend your time and effort in risk mitigation before it happens, to avoid it happening at all.
  3. Educate. Educate your family and your employees about the risks they could face based on their/your/ the organisation’s work. Give them the tools they need to protect themselves in a reasonable way and ways to contact you/your company if they are worried or suspicious of a contact. Have an open door policy on risk and security issues.


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