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Is what you see on social media, and in the news media – fact or fiction? How can you tell?

While you can review the text and some imagery from a different perspective in my chapter ‘The Social Grapevine: why seeing shouldn’t always be believing on social media’ – there is another aspect of deception detection that has more to do with my military and law enforcement work.

The truth, really is – written all over the faces you see in the world around you. Open source information, including social media based data and imagery – is having a profound effect on how the truth is being reported and shared both on and offline.

Here I share with you some in-depth on topic reading, some great online videos and online training tools to help you learn to read faces.

In my law enforcement and military work, the ability to read faces – or spot subtle and micro expressions on the faces of those I’m talking with, viewing online or seeing in a picture has given me insights that have proven highly successful in dealing with people across a range of information and communications environments.

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