Problogger, Pat Flynn and the power of the Social Hat-Tip

This is the story of how a single photo traveled through cyberspace leaving behind touch-points of social kindness and goodwill.

A little over a week ago I was on the Gold Coast to attend the annual Problogger conference. If you don’t know me – or haven’t happened across some of my photography – I’m a huge GoPro fan. My GoPro and GoPole EVO go almost everywhere with me so I can create fabulous content on the fly. For some examples check out (and follow) my Instagram feed.

I took my GoPro and GoPole EVO along to Problogger and during Pat Flynn’s keynote on ‘How to Convert Your Casual Readers into a Thriving Community of Raving Fans’ I noticed a picture of his son with a GoPro on one of his slides.


GoPro Pat Flynn Problogger

Which was the start of a social hat-tip fiesta that has gone from the Gold Coast to Southern California to Melbourne and beyond.

If you’re unfamiliar with the social media hat-tip; the font of all modern knowledge Urban Dictionary clarifies:

Urban Dictionary Hat Tip Definition

The HT (Hat-Tip) or conversely the MT (Mention) – along with the @YourTwitterHandleHere are the most important convetions of etiquette online. Giving credit where it’s due, acknowledging the input of others is modern, online courtesy.

The story of my Problogger, Pat Flynn social hat-tip doesn’t end here – with Karan White from Australia’s leading Social Media Law Firm Pod Legal picking up on the instagram chatter between Pat and I (also note the savvy use of the . before the Tweet for maximum impact) at the conference and tweeting:

PodLegal PatFlynn

Then, at the Problogger cocktail function that evening I met Pat:

Pat Flynn and Nicole Matejic #SocialFirefighter

Now before you get too excited about my attire in the photo, I don’t usually get around dressed as a kinky sailor! Problogger’s cocktail party had a nautical theme so naturally …

Leaves Defence, first costume party - goes as a sailor

And then Problogger was over and everyone went home.

Until this morning, when I woke up to a notification from fellow #HoneyFamiliy member and videographer Mick Russell on Facebook:

MickRussell Pat Flynn

Then this afternoon another #HoneyFamily member, professional speaker Yvonne Adele tweeted me:


Both Mick and Yvonne got in touch to let me know that Pat had posted two of my photo’s with hyperlinked credits on his ‘The Smart Passive Income Blog with Pat Flynn’ – The Problogger Conference and our Family Trip to Australia.

Pat has an incredibly huge international following across his Podcast, Blog, Twitter following and more. Which makes his HT’s an incredibly thoughtful gesture in what is no doubt an incredibly busy schedule. Even more impressive – and on a personal note – he spelt my unusual surname correctly!

Taking the time to acknowledge the contributions others within the social sphere make to your blog, podcast, narrative or other pieces of content is something that often overlooked in the rush to publish. As Pat will well recognise – this kind of engagement and acknowledgement creates ‘Raving Fans’ through a simple, yet authentic gesture of goodwill.

Personally, I make a habit of HT’ing and MT’ing those who provide inspiration, ideas or content for my blog. You’ll often see this credited in the footers of my blogs because I firmly believe social media is a community and like all communities, they’re happier places to be when everyone plays nice in the social sand-pit.

Do you HT or MT others in your blog?

Are you using your social media manners?

HT to: Pat, Karan, Mick, Yvonne and the Problogger team – for providing the content for this blog.