Hating Tony Abbott: #AusPol Facebook Style

In the interests of a fair political debate, and out of sheer curiosity, I’ve compiled a list of Tony Abbott Facebook Hate Pages. Unlike my previous blog ‘When Facebook becomes Un-Friendly: Julia Gillard targeted in #AusPol Hate Pages‘ the tone of anti-Abbotteers is significantly different. For a start they aren’t nearly as handy with Photoshop.

The most outrageous Facebook Cover photo?dontletfriendsvotefortony

And they get milder and more satirical from here in:



And for the Photoshop artists, the cut-paste-word-mash-up:


BUT perhaps most concerning is the buy-your very own ‘Friends, don’t let friends vote for Tony Abbot’ classic thong … that’s taking campaigning to a whole new …ur, um, level. (Yes, that’s a real hyperlink – you can purchase a classic thong, along with your t-shirt). Sorry, I don’t have that level of dedication for any political candidate! (But I’m starting to wonder who does?)


A quick scan of Google Images however, results in a treasure trove of political, satirical artistry:


nope boatsandgays


And not forgetting the obligatory ‘Tony the Abbott’father_abbott

and those ol’ budgie smugglers …


The Verdict?

Abbott haters aren’t nearly as malicious in their attacks. Tony Abbott isn’t denigrated for his sex, he can parade about in budgie smugglers without being labelled a jock and the instances where personal attacks are launched: it’s because of what he’s said, his policy on certain topics or his views. I mean people must REALLY hate you if they go to the trouble of designing a classic thong for you.

Why is it OK to call the Prime Minister of Australia a Slut; but no one batters an eyelid when Tony trumpets about in his budgie smugglers?

Why is OK to compare Julia Gillard to Adolf Hitler; but no one draws the same correlation between Abbotts’ views on Gays and that of Hitler?

Why is OK to spam social streams with Photoshop Propaganda that is tasteless and mostly, offensive?

In what can be summed up as political satire (except perhaps the classic thong) the social war being waged against Tony Abbott is significantly different to the spam-bot infested, offensive social content produced by anti-Gillardites.

Tony Abbott’s hate brigade on Facebook: