A Social Media Circus Without A Ring Master

My absence of commentary on the topics of flights MH17 and MH370 have not gone unnoticed in the twitter and blogosphere.

As a social media crisis communicator and commentator with a law enforcement background (the majority of which was in the aviation sector), I’ve baffled more than a few people with my silence.

Rest assured: I do have an opinion.

I’m just choosing not to publish it.


Because facts aren’t selling news in either case.

Because I’m struggling with the distinct lack of ethics many citizen journalists and bloggers are failing to display in their hunger in the race for the next newsjack.

And because I don’t want to a part of that social media circus.

Watching the television news footage, seeing the headlines on newspapers across the world – how is any of this rhetoric constructive?

Has everyone forgotten what the story is really about?

Real people with real stories amid tragic circumstances that reach beyond those who lost their lives; those who mourn their passing and those who are doing everything they can to make sense of these horrors.

How has humanity, in our self induced sugar-coated land of social media selfies and hashtag drama come to this inhumane juncture?

Why are we still tuning into twitter diatribes? Buying into overt media propaganda?  And giving air to citizen journalists gone rogue on outlandish conspiracy’s?

It’s a social media circus without a ringmaster.