Too soon to talk Ebola Crisis Communications? No – Too Late!

This morning I received an invitation to a webinar on ‘Is it too soon to talk about Ebola Crisis Communications.

Is it too soon? 
No – it’s TOO LATE!!! 

If your business or organisation could be impacted by Ebola (or any other contagious disease outbreak) why don’t you have a crisis communications plan prepared BEFORE an outbreak occurs?

Planning for disaster after disaster has struck is the least effective approach to managing a crisis.

You already know your organisational pain points – why haven’t you planned for them ahead of time?

Take a leaf from The White House Crisis Communications strategy – they have a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ plan. Not because they think Zombies are about to fall from the sky; but because they know successful outcomes are the result of smart forward planning.

Is your organisation planning for a Zombie Apocalypse?