Nicole is an internationally recognised and trusted authority on navigating national security, crisis and emergency management challenges in environments of converged threat and risk.

A regular instructor and guest speaker for NATO, Nicole is highly regarded for her work in distilling how groups influence the radicalisation and recruitment of their followers towards violent extremism; and how terrorist organisations deploy information and psychological operations in unconventional warfare. Nicole’s depth of expertise across the online environment has also seen her lead work to better understand how information disorder is adopted by extremist groups. Nicole has a keen interest in how online harms, particularly violent extremism, will manifest in the Metaverse environment.

A Non-Resident Fellow at The Krulak Center at the United States Marine Corps University, Nicole also holds the appointment of Adjunct Lecturer at Charles Sturt University in the School of National Security and Terrorism.

Nicole is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Southern Queensland. Her thesis ‘The Jihadi Nudge: Investigating the Behavioural Economics and the Influence of Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content in the Radicalisation and Recruitment of Islamic Extremists’ is a multidisciplinary body of work spanning the behavioural economics, psychology, terrorism studies and criminology disciplines.

An early adopter of using social media for OSINT in the law enforcement, intelligence and later military environments; Nicole’s time serving with Australia’s Customs and Border Protection Service (now Australian Border Force) saw her work extensively in passenger air operations and intelligence fields.

Nicole’s first book ‘Social Media Rules of Engagement’ was published by Wiley in 2015.